Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Pic-of-the-Week for June 19, 2018

Hola Amigos,

Exciting news here.... we had our first tropical storm, which was earlier in the hurricane season than normal.  Hurricane Bud had some strong winds, but fortunately for us, it weakened to a tropical storm (Bud Light) before it got to us last Thursday, so we just got a lot of needed rain. It rained steadily most of the day Thursday, and a bit on Friday.  Things are greening up nicely now, and even more cactus are blooming in the desert.  The picture below is from Thursday morning on my abbreviated walk.  I did want to get home before the serious rain started!  

Another great benefit of this storm is that the weather has cooled down to "reasonable", and it should be that way for the foreseeable future!  Highs in the 80's and lows in the 70's are much more tolerable!  

It was pleasant enough during the storm to sit on our veranda and play Mexican Train while the rain was pouring down!  (I think I won that game!)  

Today, for the first time this year (I'm a creature of habit!) I took my morning walk heading north up the beach.  I did it because someone has lit the El Coro dump on fire, and it happens to be in the arroyo to the southwest of us, and where I usually walk.  The toxic smoke is awful, and it tends to just follow the arroyo down to the ocean during the night, and drifts over to our house.  Ugh.  Ryan has done lots of research, and found which government agency to complain to, but I'm not expecting much to happen.  Hopefully, the fire will go out soon.  

Summer plans.... we think we've finally figured out what we're going to do this summer, and when!   
  • Ryan and Charlotte's Baby Girl is due around the end of July, according to the doctor here.  I am planning on coming back to help them out, and get some baby snuggling in.
  • Ben's Model A is not going to be done for 3 or 4 more weeks.  He needs to stay here until it is done and bring it home, and start putting it together.  It may be done the week of July 16th...maybe sooner.   He will stay here until a few weeks after the baby is born.
  • I (Harriet) have doctor appointments scheduled in Bend starting July 9!  So, I'm going to fly up to Oregon on July 5th and spend about 3 weeks there; doing doctor visits, finishing up a baby quilt, shopping for baby things 😉, visiting friends, and house/dog sitting for Ken & Bea if they want to go somewhere.  If anyone is in the area, I'll have time to visit with you! 
  • I (Harriet) will return to Baja around July 25, and wait with everyone else for Baby Girl to arrive.  
  • After Ryan, Charlotte, and Baby Girl are settled in (a week or two), we will head north to Oregon, with both Sam & Zoey in tow this year.  Not sure if we'll bring the new Model A.  Charlotte has informed us that new mothers in China are treated to a life of luxury during the first month, being waited on hand and foot, and others taking care of the baby in the middle of the night.  We'll give her a couple weeks!!
As a result, Ben and I will have a shorter time in Oregon this summer.  We will have to plan carefully to make sure we get everywhere we need to be and see who we need to see!  (When is your first corn ripe, Tom?)  

We didn't get to see Rebecca's family this year.  They vacationed on the East Coast of the US and in the Midwest.  They will be heading back to the Middle East this Friday, so we will have to look forward to next summer for a visit with them.  Sure glad Rebecca made it to our Anniversary party! 

So... tropical storm, summer travel plans, baby arriving, car taking forever... not sure if there is anything else to share with you except a few pics.  

 Our "deformed" cactus put out a few blooms this year.  I think it is actually a Pitahaya Dulce, but with a deformed gene.  I never see the blooms open in the desert, although I see lots of this kind of cactus (not deformed).

We have a Guanabana (or Sour Sop) tree and this is the fruit it produces. The fruit is white with black seeds that look like watermelon seeds.  I haven't tasted it yet, but Ryan says its a bit sweet and a bit sour, kind of like a green apple.  Mexicans make a drink out of it.  Guess I'll have to find the recipe and try it out!

This is the inside of the fruit.  

We ran out of black oil sunflower seeds for our wild birds, and just can't get the place where we found them last to order new ones, so our poor birds are out of luck!  I did plant some of the seeds in our corn patch, and they are coming up.  If "someone" waters them, there is a chance the birds will have a few more later this summer!

I will leave you with another beautiful cactus bloom ... I can't stop taking pictures of these beauties!  More photos are posted in the 2018 June album, including a video of our "river" during the rainstorm.

Hasta la proxima vez,
Tus amigos en Baja, 
Harriet, Ben, Ryan, Charlotte, Baby Girl, Sam & Zoey

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Pic-of-the-Week for June 5, 2018

Hola Amigos,

Whoa!  It has been HOT here in Baja!  We are really appreciating our air conditioning, especially at night.  We had a hot wind from the southwest yesterday, so we closed the outside doors, turned on our bedroom AC unit, and set our big old fan in the bedroom door and blew cool air into the living room and family room.  It felt pretty good, especially for Dalia, who was cleaning our house at the time!  It's supposed to get a bit cooler (highs in the 80's, lows in the high 70's) for the next week, so we'll probably survive.  (We are wimps, I admit it!  Especially when you throw in some high humidity!)  

Why aren't you leaving, you may ask, and heading north?  The biggest reason is that our 30' Model A is still being working on in the body shop in La Paz.  It's got several more weeks work, probably.  Ben's latest plan is to do as much on it as he can here, but load it up and take it to Oregon to finish up.  We will not go to the National Model A meet in Reno 😕😞 but hope to enjoy it in Oregon, including taking Shirley for a ride.  She's the family friend who sold it to us.  

We did go for a couple rides in the '28 Woody lately.  We took it to La Paz for a parade and car show there, and got lots of exposure and admiration.  This is near the end of the parade route (lots of "normal" cars had got in from the traffic flow).  

 Oh, and the La Paz Calafia Queen got a bit of admiration, too!

Her outfit was embellished with beautiful shells and feathers, and then she was wearing 5" heels!!!  And she was gorgeous, to boot.  She also had a head dress, but I think it wasn't too comfortable so she didn't wear it much.

It was very warm in La Paz that weekend, so we stuck to the shade as much as we could.  The show was popular with the Sunday crowds, and Ben won a prize for oldest vehicle there.  

We stayed at a little hotel a few blocks away, Maria California.  Our room was the "economy" version ($40 per night), but we checked out their nice rooms across the street, and they have a great view and look very comfy, too, for $80 per night.  We just might stay there the next time!  

One of the "nice" rooms.  

And the view....

Ryan and Charlotte are getting acclimated and met with their obstetrician on last Monday.  They also had an ultrasound and found out that they are having a girl!  The baby seems to be very healthy, and is also bigger than expected, so the due date has been moved up to the end of July.  I will be coming back to help them out after the baby is born, so I guess I will be getting acclimated to Baja summer weather, too!  She is also appreciating the delicious food here; we eat at La Playa regularly, for breakfast especially.  This photo happened to be when we were there for dinner.  We hope they continue to stay open as long as we're here!

Ben & Ryan have been working on a bookcase project...our old one we've had since Salem became termite riddled, so Ben happened to have some nice oak plywood with which to make a new one.  It's a bit taller than the old one, and Ryan has been helping out with the finish.  We put the old one out by the driveway the other day, and it disappeared quickly!  (We figured it would).  It didn't have any shelving other than some cross members, but I'm sure they'll figure out something for it!  Hope they like termites!  😏

It is still cool enough in the mornings for my walks with Zoey.  Sam still refuses to go... he stays home and protects the house!  I was looking at some of the drone pictures our friend George took last year, and noticed that one had my walking route on it!  Our pinkish casa is right about in the middle of this photo, and I walk out the driveway to the left, then wander around in the loop to the left of the picture.  Sometimes I do the loop, then go down to the beach.  Sometimes I walk up almost to Highway 1, then down into the arroyo on the left, and on down to the beach.  This was taken in May 2017, so it is dry looking now, too.  But the cactus are blooming, and the trees and shrubs are just waiting for the summer rains.  I've seen several fox, and this is where the burros hang out during the night, and there are often cattle wandering around in there, too.  The other morning it was a great BIG black bull!  He went his way, and we went ours!  Zoey is pretty good about not bothering other animals, especially ones bigger than she is!  

Here's the bull!  

Our Jeep is still sitting around unfinished, BUT we did finally get the new fiberglass gas tank from a Mexican fellow who works in the Palmas boatyard.  It has taken FOREVER, and we heard more stories from him about when we'd get it and where it was ... we could have written a book!  It is here now, and looks like it will work nicely.  This is a project for next season.  Our friends Debi and Sandy took pity on us, and let us ride with them (on ATV's and in their Toyota) up to a little falls and pond on the Buenas Aires Arroyo.  It's a pretty little spot, and of course, Ryan had to climb to the top of the falls to see what was on the other side of the mountain!

Here he is starting out...

And there he is at the top.  Nothing too exciting over there...just more palm trees and water.  Oh well...at least he made it down safely.  

I'll be adding photos to the 2018 June album for your enjoyment.  

You might expect one edition from me before summer starts and Ben takes over.  We hope to see many of you this summer when we get to Oregon....whenever that is!  Keep in touch!

Hasta la proxima vez,
Tus amigos en Baja,
Harriet, Ben, Ryan, Charlotte (& baby), Sam & Zoey

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Pic-of-the-Week for May 23, 2018

Hola Amigos!  

Wow!  I'm almost on time....just one day late.  I guess I've turned over a new leaf....maybe!  

Since the last post, we have had some delightful company (they played Pinochle AND Mexican Train with us, and enjoyed our wine selections!  They also brought a nice selection of NW wines to share with us!)  Lori and Jack will most likely be back, as they seemed to have a great time here, relaxing and enjoying the area.  Lori used to work with Ben at ODOT, and we were very pleased when she called on the spur of the moment and asked if we had space for them.  We did, so they came! 

We took them to Rancho Buena Vista (we went for a walk on the beach with the dogs, and somehow ended up there!  Go figure?!) 

And we took them to El Viejo for tacos....  they really got into the spirit of the vacation!  They also loved La Playa for beach location and food, and we got to listen to Miguel de Hoyos on guitar one night, too!  

 The day before they were scheduled to leave, we took them to San Jose del Cabo for a look around town and some requisite shopping (at least on Lori's part!)  We went to Jasmine's again for dinner, which is the same restaurant we went to on my birthday a week before.  As then, the food was excellent.  

On the day that they left, Ryan and Charlotte arrived!  Hooray!  It is great to have them here, and right now, they are working hard on spoiling me.  They do all the dishes (and empty the dishwasher), and last night they fixed a nice "home style" Chinese meal for us.  They did a great job.  It's hard for Ben to relax when someone "inexperienced" is cooking his dinner, but even he was pleasantly surprised that Ryan can cook!  

We had a "Meet and Greet" party for them last Saturday, and invited friends and neighbors to say hello.  Of course, we had to have a nice Carrot Cake and some munchies.  

 Since being here for a week now, they are pretty much over their jet lag after traveling from Shanghai to Vancouver, BC, to here (they did take two days to do that, with a night in Vancouver).  

Charlotte and Ryan will be going in to Hospital H+ this Friday to meet the Obstetrician and get set up for delivery of their baby in August.  And yes, this Grandma will be coming back to Baja this summer to help them out for a bit.  

In the meantime, our daughter Rebecca and her family have traveled to the East Coast of the United States from the Mid East, and are visiting friends there for a couple weeks before they go to Chicago for a month.  We won't be able to see them this summer, as they will be heading back to the Mid East before we leave Mexico this year.  Hopefully, they will definitely plan on an Oregon summer NEXT year! (And after we get there).   

I have been busy finishing up the quilt I'm making for Grand baby #4.  I plan to add more border fabric (I'll buy it in the US, since I don't have what I want here in my stash), and have it quilted by our friends at Quiltmasters in Brownsville.  Then I'll finish it up with the binding.  That hand sewing always takes some time!  Hopefully, it will be finished by the time I need to come back.  

Ben has dozens of projects that he is working on, or it seems that way.  We added Air Conditioning to the bedroom upstairs that Ryan uses, so that is available for them this summer.  We actually got it done in a timely manner, especially for Mexico!  We bought the unit at Costco the day we picked up Lori and Jack; Ben called Carlitos, our favorite electrician, and he made a special trip over to check it out, and another special trip back here that night to splice into a 220 line in the shop, with a neat conduit up to where the AC unit was located.  He recommended another fellow to install the mini-split unit, and he came the day after Lori and Jack arrived.  He spoke no English, so Ben asked Dalia to come over and clean up after the workers, as well as let them know where we wanted it and to pay them (since we were out for breakfast!)  They installed the drain line, but Ben and Ryan have reconfigured it so it doesn't show as much.  That turned out very nice.  The AC in that room will be great this summer.

Another project we did was some front porch / veranda improvements.  We took down the shade cloth curtains and threw away the clunky plastic grips we have been using.  Ben put a bunch of grommets in them, then we used carabiners to attach the curtain to the guy wire we have strung between the posts.  The next job was to stretch out the curtains and wash all the dirt and dust off of them.  Now, they look nice and neat AND clean and they are very easy to open and close!  This time of year, that sun goes down in the northwest, and the veranda gets too hot and sunny without them when we're having dinner or playing games out there.  Finally, Ryan strung a string of LED rope lights on the underside of the palapa which really improved the lighting out there for our game times.  It's so nice out there now, it's hard to come in at night!!  

I saw a fox running by on my walk the other day (no time for a picture), and the burros are reaping the rewards of our corn growing adventure this year.  (Isn't that fluffy baby a cutie?)

Our cactus garden is looking nice, especially with our Cochemiea  blooming (that Latin name was for my sister Sharon's benefit!)  The first picture is one Ryan took from laying on the sidewalk.  The second is one I took bending over!  (It's hard enough to get up from bed, let alone a hard surface on the ground!)  

 I love when this cactus blooms!  

I have added more pictures in our 2018 May album.  Enjoy!  

Weather report:  We've had an unusually warm May this year, several times in the 90's already, and it may be an indication of hotter weather to come this summer.  Glad we have AC in our bedrooms to sleep with! 

At this point in time, we are not sure when we will be leaving Baja to go north.  The 30 Model A is taking longer than the body shop expected, even though they are adding more people to work on it.  They are doing a fantastic job, and are very meticulous.  Ben then has a bunch of work to do on it, so he's thinking about doing as much as he can here before we leave, and finishing it up as needed when we get to Oregon. (We'll probably need shop space, Ken!)  That also means we won't be going to the Model A National Meet in Reno, most likely.  I told Ben that I have doctor appointments starting July 9, so we have to be there before then!  We will keep you informed!  

Hasta la proxima vez,
Tus amigos en Baja,
Harriet, Ben, Ryan, Charlotte, Sam & Zoey  (phew!)


Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Pic-of-the-Week for May 9, 2018

Hola Amigos,

I think this is becoming a habit.... it's been almost a month again since my last post, and I really haven't been that busy.  Oh well.  I at least have a few pictures and things to report.  

The burros are happy that we are harvesting our corn.  They get to eat the stalk and any other left-overs.  Even baby was chewing on a leaf the other day!  

We get this part of it!  We had a pretty good crop, but it wasn't as sweet as I'd hoped.  That may be due to lack of water or good fertilizer, or just the variety of corn.  But it was fun to have and share with friends.  

Zoey and I are still doing daily walks (except Sunday, when I don't have time in the early morning).  I love making discoveries either in the desert, or the arroyo, or on the beach.  It seems like there is always something blooming!  This is the bloom from a Pitaya Agria, which produces a very tasty fruit.  The indigenous Indian population here staved off hunger by eating this fruit, and it's more popular cousin, Pitaya Dulce.  

The next picture is a Cardon cactus in bloom.  The tennis ball sized fruit are popular with lots of birds and iguanas, and animals who live on the ground when the fruits drop.  

I spotted this blooming plant close to the beach.  It is actually a reed of some kind.  I really liked the interconnecting star shape blooms and the buds waiting to bloom at the bottom.  

This is the bloom from a Palo de Arco, very common here in Baja.  The long straight sticks from this tree are used for many things; shade covers, fences, decorative arches (it bends easily).  This was growing in the arroyo.  

On the beach, I pick up beach glass, pretty rocks, and most of the garbage I see.  I usually have a plastic bag with me to pick up plastic bottles, bottle caps, old fishing line, etc.  Most people are good about picking up after themselves, but there is often evidence of parties on the beach with empty beer cans strewn everywhere, and sometimes the plastic bag they brought the goodies down to the beach is available!  I used one of those to pick up the "dead soldiers" from someone's party, and the next weekend, there was another batch of empties in the same (evidently popular) spot!  Grrrr!   The other day I picked up a Pacifico beer bottle, and didn't realize until I got home that it had tar all over it.  I didn't have a plastic bag that day, so just stuck it in my little fanny pack.  Was that ever a mistake!  Sometimes, though, I come across interesting things like this little star fish!

We have company coming later today, and they will be here until Ryan and Charlotte arrive next week, so we will be busy, busy!  The weather has heated up for May, and everyone is saying how hot it is already for early in the season.  It may portend a hotter summer.... or it may just stay like this the rest of the summer.  Hard to say, but our bedroom AC is very nice at night!  

Ben is making weekly trips to La Paz to check on our 1930 Model A Roadster.  It's coming along nicely, and they are doing great work.  They promise that it will be done by the end of May.  Then Ben has a bunch of work to do in June to get it ready for the show in Reno the end of June!  

I managed to survive another year, and we went to San Jose del Cabo with friends to celebrate my birthday on May 4.  Had a lovely relaxing day and a delicious dinner.  It was low key and perfect!  

I have started a 2018 May photo album, so you can check that out if you'd like.  

Hasta la proxima vez,
Tus amigos en Baja,
Harriet, Ben, Sam & Zoey

Friday, April 13, 2018

Pic-of-the-MONTH for April 13, 2018

Hola Amigos,

Did you notice the title of this one?  Pic-of-the-MONTH?  It has been a month since I wrote the last one, and I'm getting as slow as Ben about getting these out!  I guess that means we're busy..... or something.  

We are enjoying watching our "bottle brush" tree bloom right now.  It certainly makes a brilliant display, especially from the roof deck looking down on it.  In this picture you can see the buds getting ready to bloom, as well as the poofy pink flower in bloom.  

This was taken from the roof.  The blooms only last one day, so we are happy that it is more mature now and has more than the 5 blooms it had that first year!  It flowers for up to 3 or 4 weeks now.  Scientific name is Pseudobombax ellipticum.  

Ben is making weekly trips up to La Paz to check on his Model A progress at the body shop there.  It is coming along nicely.  He rarely takes pictures with his phone, so we'll just have to believe him on that!  He will probably take up the chassis next week so they can start putting it together.   

Ben has been working hard clearing our new property, mostly pruning trees and shrubs, but also raking up all the twigs and stickery things. He isn't getting too many scratches!  (He wears a hat and leather gloves at all times). It seems like every tree here has thorns.  We've also found a few neat cactus tucked away under all the brush.  Ben cuts the brush into short lengths, and after it dries a couple days, we have "campfires" in the evening instead of hauling it off to the dump.  We've made S'mores several times!  Our friend Pat found some Marshmallows at Chapito's Express, and I found Graham Crackers at Joe's Deli, and Hershey bars at Chapito's regular grocery store!  Ben made a roasting stick (broom stick with some stainless steel wire on the end), so we're set!    I am helping, too, by the way, especially with the raking and cleaning up, and sometimes moving a cactus.  After we're done, we go in and pull all the thorns and sticks out of the bottom of our shoes!  We were kind of surprised to find all the rocks under those trees, too.  

Our house is casting the shadow you see in this picture.  

The garden has been doing great this year.  Our corn is almost ready to start harvesting!  It isn't very tall, but it's green and healthy looking, and the cobs are filling out nicely....the second crop is doing even starting to form cobs. I've canned one batch of green beans, we've had them multiple times fresh, have eaten an abundance of lettuce and spinach, and our cucumbers have produced quite nicely.  I just pulled out all the remaining lettuce yesterday as it was starting to go to seed.

By the way, that little fence around the corn patch was very necessary!  I planted a few sunflower seeds outside the fence the other day, and as soon as they were sprouted, they were gone!  We do have bunnys in the neighborhood!  They are appreciating the leaves on all the pruning piles that Ben has piled up.  I have also noticed the burros and cows hanging around our place lately.  I'm sure they can smell this corn.... just hope the fence and cattle guard keep working.

We had company this last week!  Our nephew Ariel and his girlfriend Darling came to visit for a week.  They mostly stayed around here and had some great beach time, as the weather and water were warm, and the wind didn't blow!  They spent a lot of time snorkeling and swimming.  (Darling was impressed that I convinced Ariel to put on sun screen!)  They were lucky enough to spend a couple evenings dancing because a great Cuban band was in town for two of the nights they were here!  They were also able to spend a day in La Paz, and while there, Ariel swam with the Whale Sharks.  I think they'll be back!  

Zoey and I have been taking our daily walks first thing in the morning.  There is always something interesting to see and appreciate; the sunrise, rocks, flowers, cactus, shells, beach glass.... I have even taken a plastic bag several times to pick up garbage on the beach.  Last weekend was the second  "Easter vacation" weekend for Mexicans this year, and although they're much better about picking up their own garbage after camping on the beach, there is always something left behind.  I  pick up little bits of plastic, such as bottle caps, old toys, bottles and cans that end up on the beach.  Zoey is a real trooper and we manage over 2 kilometers every day.  (She then spends the rest of the day napping!)  Sam has decided he's too old to go on our long walks (he turned 11 on April 4), so he stays home and guards the house.  In this photo, Zoey is checking out all the campers on "HER" beach!  We didn't walk the beach that day, since she is so friendly she'd be walking through the middle of everyone's camp, checking for leftovers and making friends with everyone.   

These are the blooms from a Palo Verde tree I saw on my walk.  

And here's a sunrise when I got out REAL early one morning.  Actually, the sun was up, but it was making some neat colors behind those low clouds.

With that, I leave you to think about Baja and wish you were here to see this stuff!  I haven't started an album, and don't know if I will, so just enjoy these few pictures.

Hasta la proxima vez, whenever that will be!
Tus amigos de Baja,
Harriet, Ben, Sam & Zoey

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Pic-of-the-Week for March 13, 2018

Hola Amigos,

I could be doing a lot of things right now.  I could be weeding my garden. I could be pruning brush on our new lot.  I could be canning a batch of green beans.  I could be working on a new quilt that is almost started (I do have the pattern picked out).  But instead, you lucky people, I forced myself to sit down at my computer and write to you!  Doesn't that make you feel special?  

This is a little flower I spotted on my morning walk with Zoey today.  Notice the bug on the left side.

Here's the update on our red truck, that was in the shop during the last writing...and in the shop all last week as well!  Turns out the problem was more complicated than we originally thought.  A turbo hose had been hooked up incorrectly, and the turbo was getting dirt and dust and "stuff" sucked into it, and was destroying itself!  Ugh!  So of course, our labor bill was higher than we thought, but the more expensive thing was all the parts, that had to be ordered from Guadalajara.  We are so happy that Ben found this diesel shop in La Paz (with the help of our car savvy friend Hector Manuel).  Not sure what we'd do without him (the mechanic and Hector Manuel!!)  Ben has used this mechanic previously for both of our trucks, but when we tried to find him a few months ago for another problem, the phone wouldn't connect.  So Ben sicced HM on the fellow, and thankfully, he found his new shop.  (Most private citizens don't have diesel vehicles, due to some old Mexican laws...therefore, not many mechanics know how to work on them.  The majority of diesel vehicles here are Mexican delivery trucks, buses, and the pickups Americans and Canadians bring down). 

Ben took the bus up to La Paz on Saturday and picked up the truck AND checked on the progress of the Model A Roadster.  Most of the parts of the Model A were still at the sand blaster, so he's going back today to see if there is anything left after all the rust was blown off!  (Hope so!)  

The garden is doing very well.  Cousin Tom would be proud of our little corn patch!  Ben keeps adding nitrogen as Tom suggested, so we should have a nice crop.  The first crop is now taller than our 2' fence, and the second crop isn't too far behind.  It's not a big patch of corn, but it will be plenty for us!  (The plywood leaning against the fence is to protect it from the stiff winds we've been having).  We are also getting cucumbers, and wonderful lettuce and spinach.  

There have been some absolutely gorgeous sunrises and sunsets lately.  One morning, the water was purple and pink from the reflections!  Wow!  You can see more sunrises and sunsets in the 2018 March album.

And the evenings are just as nice!

We are enjoying "campfires" in the new fire pit I built on the lot.  We will be burning a lot of brush, and since trash burning fires are illegal (except at the dump....go figure?) we do it at night as a recreational fire.  We'll burn it poco a poco!  We get out our lawn chairs and a little table, a glass of wine or two, and watch the stars come out.  Lovely!

If we get low on wood to burn from our lot, I have noticed all kinds of downed wood on my walks not far from the casa.  

The weather has warmed up quickly, and I no longer need a sweatshirt on my morning walk.  In fact, yesterday it was up to 90F.  The morning temps are high 60's and low 70's.  The only downside is that the winds are still blowing.  The winds are making their last gasp effort to make the kite boarders and wind surfers happy!  March is when it is supposed to be slowing down. 

Anyhow...it has been nice enough that we are spending more time on our front veranda watching the birds and bees and other wildlife that comes by.  The other day, a Jack Rabbit was pretty close (and where in the world were our lazy dogs?)  He was eating the Cholla cactus there, or some of it's fruit.  They must have really tough mouths to get around those thorns! 

Speaking of dogs, poor old Sam got kicked by a burro the other day on our morning walk.  Fortunately, it wasn't serious, but he's still a bit sore.  I took him to the vet to make sure nothing was broken and that he didn't have internal bleeding, and he's fine.  He is on antibiotics and anti-inflammatory meds for a week.  For some reason, he hasn't wanted to go on our walks with us since then.  Hmmmmm....  

Anyone want some bananas?  Another bunch got ripe, and we are eating them as fast as we can!  They are small, but sweet and good.  

Hasta la proxima vez,
Tus amigos de Baja 
Harriet & Ben, Sam & Zoey